15 march

Club Farense 18h00


This guitar duo was born with the fusion of two generations, father and son come together in a project in which everything goes in the same direction, the same direction, the same idea of interpretation and a very similar musical taste. After its premiere at several festivals in Spain and Italy, they continue to work on this exciting project that unites the experience with the strength and enthusiasm of the youth, without a doubt, it will go on and on, as the good reviews obtained at the festivals predict. in those who have participated.
The son began to play guitar at three years of age, hand in hand with his father, at the Municipal School of Music "COMARCA EL CONDADO" in Santisteban del Puerto. He finished his professional studies with Francisco Cuenca, at the Professional Conservatory of Music "Andrés Segovia" of Linares, obtaining the highest grades.
He has won several national and international awards.
He has received master classes from Mª Esther Guzmán, Takeshi Tezuca and Gloria Medina, among others.
The father has made international tours in more than twenty countries, in America, Asia and several countries in Europe. At the same time he has taught master class and has been part of the jury in several of these countries.
He shares the concertist task with the teacher, currently he works as a teacher and director of several musical education centers in the province of Jaén in Spain.



Polona Udovič, Timi Krajnc, Vojko Vešligaj and Mitja Režman  are classically trained musicians, acclaimed at home and abroad. The quartet is a reflection of their valuable musical experiences and their deep understanding of music, their artistic careers and their intensive work with numerous artists, chamber groups, orchestras, ensembles, in concert halls and at festivals around the world.
Their music expresses so powerfully, so directly and so concisely that poignant longing captured on the streets of Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon... halfway between bordellos and milongas... joy and a sad melancholy feeling...amongst merchants, sailors and African immigrants...it's the music played at night when all kinds of masks are allowed, the music which comes with moonshine and dies down at daybreak...

Polona Udovič (vocal, violin)
Timi Krajnc (guitar)
Vojko Vešligaj (guitar)
Mitja Režman (bass guitar)