28 march

Igreja do Carmo 6 pm


The Syracuse guitar duo formed by Roberto Salerno and Marcello Cappellani, was created in late 2007 and has assets of hundreds of concerts in several Italian cities on behalf of prestigious associations (Friends of Music, A.Gi.Mus, AMACalabria Franceschi Association of Milan, etc.), in festivals and concert seasons, among which: XV Festival of the Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria, Umria Guitar Festival 2012, concerts of the University of Messina in 2012 and 2014, XI Portofino Music festival, and X XIII festival "concerts of the lodges" in Imperia, XXIII Gubbio Summer Festival, XIV Festival del Cilento, XX International Chamber Music Festival in Irpinia, Festival "villages and valleys" of Pavia, guitar Festival of the Valle Argentina, International Concert Season Marsala etc. Frequent were their performances in Spain (Festival de Musica city of Girona in 2008, Encuentro Internacional de la Guitarra "A.Segovia" ciudad de Linares 2010 and 2013, at the foundation of the same name and at the Conservatory of Ubeda, in Madrid in 2014, 25 Festival of Malaga 2016, and in Germany, in 2011 and in 2016 to Hidelberg and Liebenstrein (Neckar Musik Festival), and in 2013 in Frankfurt for the XI Dreicher Musiktage. in 2013 They have made an important tour in Mexico, performing at the XXIII Festival International Morelia, at Escuela de Bellas Artes in Tulpetec (Mexico City) and the VIII International Festival of Ixtlahuaca, where they received a 'major honors by the local University. Also in 2013 they recorded their first cD "Variations and Dances" and they have a tour in Romania, where they also performed in the prestigious hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau. In 2018 they played wiyh the National Orchestra of Moldavia at Chisenau.They are often called upon to be part of important international music competitions juries.
Roberto Salerno has graduated in guitar with honors under the teaching of Salvo Pirrello, at the "V. Bellini" and in Choral Music and Choir Conducting under the teaching of Maestro Marco Ghiglione, he also studied composition with teachers Eliodoro Sollima, Salvatore Bellassai and Marco Betta. Since 1985 he regularly performs as a soloist and with several performances in major Italian cities, in Spain, in Greece, in Japan, in Belgium, in Croatia, in Mexico, in Germany and in Argentina. He has held various training courses, and has been an assistant to Alirio Diaz in a master held by the great Venezuelan master in 1991. Very active as a composer, he has seen many of his works published by Eurarte publisher and M.A.P. Editions publisher. He is a teacher at the Music High School Gargallo and Musical Institute Privitera of Syracuse.
Marcello Cappellani has graduated at "V. Bellini" in Catania with highest honors. In 2003 he continued his studies in Paris under the teaching of Alberto Ponce at the"Ecole Normale de Musique A.Cortot", achieving in 2004 the "Diplome d'execution" and in 2005 the "Diplome d'Execution Superior." In 2009 he graduated in "Musical Disciplines" with highest honors to the "Bellini" of Catania. He attended master classes with renowned teachers such as A.Company, L.Calsolaro, A.Diaz, T. Hoppstock, E.Fisk, N.D'Angelo etc. He has won numerous first prizes in national and international competitions and has given several recitals in major Italian cities, in Spain and in France. He is a guitar teacher at “Smim Santa Lucia" of Syracuse.



The Ensemble Ellipsis started its activity in the early 90s. Later, it was linked to the Association that inspired its name,with the aim to pursue the same goals:
the overall dissemination of music, but paying special attention to the so-called "ancient music". The group, under the direction of its founder Alberto Cesaraccio, performs in different formations, from duo to orchestra, constantly evolving into new sets. The Ensemble have given concert tours in many European countries and Australia, playing concerts at the European Parliament, holding a lecture- concert cycle at the European School of Brussels, and recording for the Australian national broadcasters ABC and SBS. It has performed in most regions of Italy, from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily. It stood out in its CD entirely dedicated to the romantic composer Napoleon Coste. Ellipsis Orchestra has performed in concert with internationally renowned conductors and soloists (Robert Gutter, Giovanni Ferrauto, Lazlo Marosi, Francesco Lentini, Cihat Askin, Eckart Altenmüller, Michelangelo Lentini, Meehae Ryo, Alberto Cesaraccio, Alessandro Deiana, Fabio De Leonardis, Joaquin Palomares).